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sabrina rongstad-bravo


Sabrina Rongstad- Bravo is  a performance poet, actor,writer, and now blogger.

She is very comfortable expressing herself in  many different art forms and it comes very natural to her.

She has been writing poetry since she was 10 years old. She has produced, written and acted in three poetry shows for Televison called Poetry for the People. Her poetry is often a blend of comedic monologue, and pedagogy. A lover of the arts, she enjoys cross-fertilization of artistic expression: combining dancing and singing in her poetry. Her poetry is often about her own spirtual journey, however cathartic and revolutionary. In addition, her versatile  poetry can range from celibratory, to romantic, to defiant as she  writes about the inequities of the underdog. She has also been a commissioned poet, and has recited her poetry at art gallery openings, venues, and World Peace Meetings.

She was writing a musical as her theseis at  Goddard College  when she came to London on a three week holiday and decided to live there. She is now writing a personal memoir  about her experience and perceptions called Sabrina's London Diaires. In addition, she is writing a musical and other blues songs, which she has performed in both London and Nicaragua.

When Ms. Rongstad -Bravo is not writing poetry or songs, she enjoys teaching Languages: Spanish, French and English.

To find out more about her Creative Writing, go to


or you can email her at: sabrinabravissimo@gmail.com


To see Sabrina in action reciting her 'I am Buddha' poem click here