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George holland hill



George Holland Hill is the author of ‘Spaceman No.2, Sent by God’, published in 2015 in both paperback and digital format via Amazon and as a download from iBooks.

His current venture is to publish on his website/blog (http://WordsIntoOrbit.com), chapter by chapter, as it is being written, his new book ‘How to Write a Lesbian Detective Story — A Novel’, featuring extracts from the detective story itself, ‘Trixie Topham, Private Eye’ by Lydia de Luxe.


His latest venture is the forthcoming serialised story of 'Spaceman No. 3' Available from 1st March 2015 from Amazon


Spaceman No.3 

My book is a humorous novel which opens with a nebulous “being” hurtling towards our planet in a little flying saucer (he’s understandably nervous!) and “assuming” human form prior to disembarking in the early hours of a Sunday morning on top of Parliament Hill. He then meets an Irishman, who had fallen asleep on a bench on the way home, and then a man dressed as Sherlock Holmes, for fairly reasonable reasons.

The premise, or back story, is that in Thus Spake Zarathustra by the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche in the 1870s, the infamous declaration by the main character that “God is dead” was the last straw for God (on top of Darwin, et al) that he decided it was time to take a sabbatical and so took himself and his entourage (a chap called Peter is his No.2) off to the Pleiades.
Now, curious to know whether it would be a good time to return to Earth (and to check on what the Buddhists are up to), a passing space tourist (my “Spaceman”) is sort of kidnapped and persuaded by Peter to go on "a great adventure” to find out.