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Plays a major part in the lives of everyone. Here you can search through some very obscure as well as some better known music. Some of the musicians featured in these pages are Benjamin Scheuer, Phil Sawyer, Howard Jones, Frazer Kennedy, Nadia Wilson and the London Myriad Ensemble, No Limit, Black Fox, Ya Ya, Liz Balfour and quite a few more besides.

The late great jimi hendrix

A rare glimpse of the Jimi Hendrix Experience featuring Jimi, Noel Redding on Bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums. Recorded live in Stockholm 1967

Ya Ya

 While David Nichol, Gnivil and Gary were teaming up with Mark and Tony in BLACK FOX (see below) Terry Stevens was hitting the big time with his band YA YA touring far flung places like Japan, Thailand and Russia.

Here's their tribute to the late great John Lennon released in '87 entitled 'When the world cried' 
Black Fox

An early eighties ensemble of rockers fronted by Tony Forsythe (aka Black Fox) vocals, bass guitar, David (JD Zirconium) Nichol, guitar vocals, Mark, guitar, vocals, Gnivil Moor, Keyboards & Gary Burfield, Drums, vocals. Occasional live gigs included Dingwalls - Camden Lock, The Rock Garden - Covent Garden and Le Chateux - Kentish Town. Whilst together they played; Dear Lord, On my Mind and Stop






Way back in '77 a bunch of innocent young lads got together and formed VHF.  The line up consisted of Bill Balfour on vocals and guitar, Johnny 'the hat' Bloom on Bass, Gnivil Moor - keyboards and Ernest Fawcett on Drums. The 3 following tracks were mainly written by Bill with contributions from Gnivil and Ernest, and made up their first 'demo tape' on the back of which, they secured a few gigs and a residency in a pub (now a hamburger bar) on the Tottenham Court Road next to the Dominion Theatre.



Messrs Balfour, Moor & Fawcett went through various name changes  such as 'OUT', 'FRANXINATRA' and 'GNIVIL MOOR & THE ALL NIGHT SHREDDIES' and line-ups, eventually replacing Johhny 'the hat' with Terry Stevens on bass and voclas and adding David Nicol on guitar and vocals. Both Terry and David were accomplished songwriters, which added a new dynamic to the team, hence, No Limit was created....





Sometime later....

Liz, (Bill's sister) joined the line up, Terry had left to carve a brilliant career with Ya Ya that took him all over the world so FR Barry took his place on bass and for a short time the line-up experimented with the name PRYZMIX. This line up benefited greatly from the composing and singing contributions from Liz & Bill and David.


 Here's some of what they played......




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