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Howard Jones & SGI


An international musician and 80's pop star in his own right, Howard Jones has made many great contributions to the international contemporary music scene. His work is widely available from regular music sites including itunes and of course his own website  Please visit those sites if you wish to download his music or learn more about his work.

His inclusion on this site, whilst acknowledging his undoubted influence on the UK music scene is primarily concerned with his musical involvement with SGI - the global lay Buddhist movement, with music like 'For the Sake of Peace', recorded with the Youth Division members of SGI-UK, which you can listen to here;



SOka Gakkai International - Youth Division

We all know, whether we admit it to ourselves or not, that there is no political solution to the trials and troubles that have eternally beset mankind, but did you know that Buddhism has all the answers? This is not a site about religion. It is a site dedicated to culture and the arts, and the extraordinary people behind that vast endeavour. Many artists and musicians, poets and authors, culture vultures from every walk of life know that through their untiring efforts they can provide a path to true spiritual awareness. This effort requires courage. This song, written and performed by the SGI-UK Youth Division, eloquently proclaims that determination. Listen and savour the message;

No Coward Soul is Mine! 


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